Software as a Service

In the traditional “Client/Server” model of software, software is purchased and installed on internal infrastructure with the ongoing costs, maintenance, updates and troubleshooting falling on the software purchaser.  In the cloud-based/SaaS (Software as a Service) model, software is hosted “in the cloud” by the software vendor and provided as a service to the customer via the web.  In this way all maintenance, updates, backups and security become the responsibility of the software vendor and the customer requires little or no internal infrastructure to provide a rich technology environment for its business.

With the developments in recent years of cloud-based offerings there are now robust cloud-based/SaaS solutions for just about every business function including practice management, accounting, HR/Payroll, document management, eDiscovery/Litigation Support and others.  As with all technologies there is no “once size fits all” model for any particular firm and it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of interal vs. external software services.  CTLogic can help you decide what, if any, cloud-based solutions are right for you and help you successfully integrate them into your business.